Why retrocoin?

Universal across all countries
Simple transactions with no PayPal currency charges, no bank charges. Fast payment. No high gas fees. Full history transactions. Fully publicly transparent on the blockchain.

Tip : Reward : Content Providers
The ability to tip content providers a nominal amount, say thank you to bloggers, youtubers. The ability to send eqv. £1 $1 €1 to someone to say thanks, so they don’t only have to get rewarded by YouTube or sponsorship. Content providers can apply for 1000 retrocoin at launch.

Use in Facebook Groups, google groups and on retro community websites
Use retrocoin within your peer group to keep transactions within the groups. Control the price without external influences from non collectors. Group moderators can apply to the retrocoin airdrop to provide liquidity in the group. You could be eligible for 5000, 10000 or 50000 retrocoin at launch for you group.

Museums – Official Collecting Catalogue Sites & Preservation sites
Use retrocoin to reward your contributors. Receive retrocoin from users who want to say thanks for your hard work. Trade retrocoin for items to add to your collections. Sell duplicate or items that are surplus to requirement for retrocoin to reuse and reinvest.

Buy direct from traders websites
With the adoption of retrocoin by online retailers and the ICO development of the automated payment system for websites. Use the coin to buy goods direct from traders online stores. Traders can contact us for an initial retrocoin starter balance in reward for accepting the coin for payment.

Buy direct from retrocoin : Games & Hardware
retrocoin shop will contain within 3 months of launch 500+ items across Commodore 16 v20 64 +4 128 Amiga, Sinclair zx81 spectrum QL, acorn electron BBC Archimedes, MSX, Amstrad CPC, IBM PC and Atari. It will expand to include graded and non graded items for PlayStation 1 & 2, NES N64 , Sega master, mega and Saturn. The shop will provide liquidity for the coin always keeping items physically in stock that can be purchased. You can always spend your retrocoin.

Download NEW games for retro systems
Use retrocoin to buy and download new games for your retro system. We will be encouraging existing and new talent to submit items to the download area.

Monthly raffles and donation rallies
retrocpin will run monthly raffles for some great prizes, also run group, person, sit or cause of the month donation rallies.

Buy retrocoin branded merchandise
The shop will always contain merchandise that can be purchased with retrocoin from a sticker to a t shirt and beyond.

Trade back to FIAT currency
By trading on the stellar exchange for XLM (the native currency). XLM can then be converted to the withdrawable asset that your country supports. This will enable you to convert you retrocoin via XLM to a withdrawable crypto currency.

Trade to other crypto; expand your portfolio
retrocoin can always be traded on the stellar exchange for other currency if an order or swap becomes available. You may want to kickstart your crypto journey with some XLM and retrocoin.