Hi there! This is retrocoin, we are all about retro game development, rewarding people for providing retro related contect, building a trade community and keeping things low cost and simple

Darren Edwards : retrocoin

Information for the Retro Collector and to the Community.

The token is designed to be utilised in the following ways.

  1. To donate to content providers. Youtubers, websites, groups, someone who makes a contribution to the retro scene. Its not practical to give $5 or £5 to someone via bank transfer, PayPal or other methods, the costs for admin and transfer are too high, especially from one country or currency to another. Or you may just want to give someone 50p for doing that video that helped you swap that spectrum+3 drive belt. 50p trade would be impractical , but send 50p retrocoin is something that can be done. retrocoin on the stellar network with low fees will allow rewards and a “thank you” to be sent. These can then be held by the recipient and passed on or traded to one of the many retro goods supplier.
  2. To give to museums and retro computing *organisations. They can accumulate retrocoin and use them to trade or distribute.
  3. Direct trading of retrocoin with other owners across borders with virtually zero fees for goods. This will keep the currency to retrocoin, this will discourage scalpers who inflate prices. If someone does sell into the retro community and then remove retrocoin or transfer it to FIAT currency ($,£ etc) this will have converted the item into “retrocoin” value and should allow the genuine collector to trade that item for a retrocoin value.
    retrocoin does not care if you deal in Euros, Pounds or Dollars. It will transfer worldwide for the same virtually zero fee. No paypal fees. No Bank Transfer Fees. No currency convertion fees.
  4. Buying items direct from Store owners and traders who are sympathetic to the retro community. A trader who is not just after the money and treating retro products just like a pint of milk or a dozen eggs will accept retrocoin and keep the items within trade against retrocoin in the community.
  5. retrocoin can be traded on the SDEX for other currencies that your country and wallet will allow you to withdraw and deposit back in your bank. For this to work effectively we need people to use and actively support trading in retrocoin.
  6. Use retrocoin to enter competitions and raffles for physical items , these will be held by retrocoin and other supporting traders.
  7. retrocoin tokens can be traded for digital downloads direct on the main retrocoin website. (These tokens will be burnt at a rate of 50% to support the token. This will limit the supply of tokens that are recycled from retrocoin and encourage direct trading between token owners.)

The token will evolve in the way the retro community wants it to, other payment options and trading options will be added.