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Everything you need to know about retrocoin. How you can use it, its numerous roles in the retro community and how it will benefit every serious retro collector and gamer.

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Retrocoin Starter Pack

You requested it, I am happy to do it. The process will involve the following. You setup a stellar wallet (example lobstr) this enables you to keep your phrase & keys secret. You purchase the retrocoin starter pack You include your stellar address or federation address in the order 5 XLM to keep your wallet… Continue reading Retrocoin Starter Pack

Retrocoin Released

Stellar Blockchain Issuer Account : GBXAQRGAAHUFRWDYFTIATST7CUYRSLRTDLDVOK7QMII7K75SASZG75NX Distro Account : GAPSOEDSAOPID75ZU6AMP5SCFYTGE3PLRUDQJWD4UZN5CGFF2LTH2CRP stellar.toml : https://retrocoin.co.uk/.well-known/stellar.toml

Retrocoin ICO

Retrocoin ICO will be launched on the stellar blockchain with an initial offering of 0.05 XLM per retrocoin. At the time of writing this post; it is equivalent to 1p (GBP 0.01) per retrocoin.

Retrocoin : Stellar Blockchain

Retrocoin will be deployed on the Stellar Blockchain. The primary reason for this is the low to virtually non existent Gas Fees. We want Retrocoin to be used , dontated and traded. We want people to be able to move small amounts without the overheads. Utilising the Stellar blockchain will make this happen.

Retrocoin : Mintme Update

Retrocoin will be moving away from the mintme platform. Any retrocoin on the mintme platform with be referred to as Retrocoin : Mintme or RetrocoinM The overheads and the cost for movement of retrocoin within the mintme platform would not enable it to be used in the way that we want to to be. Buy… Continue reading Retrocoin : Mintme Update